I am a Republican.

I guess you’d have to say, “A Republican with an Independent streak.” I registered as a Republican while I was in college, and did so mostly because I came from a family of Republicans. I grew up on a farm in Oregon, and my mother and her parents were Republicans. I didn’t have a compelling reason to join one party or the other. I just wanted to vote in the upcoming election.

I have a mixed presidential voting experience. I voted for Nixon, Reagan, and Bush, but also voted for Carter, Perot, and Clinton. I can’t explain the lack of political consistency, other than to say I try to vote for the person I think will do the best job.

I am married to a Democrat. We met in college in the late 1960s. Her parents were Democrats and she is a Democrat. She is a beautiful person, and I love her.

My interest in politics stems from a fascination with the way people behave in a political atmosphere. I’ve seen instances where people maintain that their principles drive them in a particular direction, but when they vote, issue a verdict, or otherwise commit to the principle, they abandon it and react in a political fashion. It’s what makes human beings interesting. To a degree, we are all unpredictable.

But that doesn’t mean the subject isn’t worth studying. Pollsters attempt to predict elections. Attorneys attempt to figure out what makes prospective jurors “tick”. The risks and rewards are high. This is interesting stuff!

This book is a story about American politics. It is my story, and while it raises issues that are important to me, my hope is that it will strike interest in others as well. If nothing else, maybe it will start up a discussion! That can’t hurt.

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