Do you have any “political junkie” tendencies? The next few chapters are going to test you.

I don’t know about you, but I need a break from all this anti-Republican stuff. Maybe we can lighten up a bit by looking at the ways the Democrat Party can help Republicans move into the “Good People” category. This takes us into the “Just for Fun” chapters, and we’ll get started with an improbable anecdote about the politics of drafting young people into the military.

Former Senator Fritz Hollings (D-SC) and Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) submitted bills in the House and the Senate in 2003 to reinstate the military draft. The idea was to draft young men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 for military service to help us meet our worldwide military commitments. The military draft had been abolished in 1973, but Senator Hollings and Representative Rangel felt it was important to bring it back, this time with a provision to draft women.

Republicans pretty much dismissed the bills with a collective “Huh?” They knew that the United States military is made up of an all-volunteer force. The idea of a draft might be a great way to get more people working as government employees (with draft boards sprouting up all across the country) but to put in a massive government program to add a few thousand recruits to the armed forces? It didn’t make sense.

What did make sense was the politics of the maneuver. It allowed Democrats to talk about efforts to bring back the draft. On college campuses, young voters were warned of a coming “January Surprise” where draft boards would be calling them if they voted for a Republican president. Young female voters were told that there was a very real possibility the draft would affect them. Republicans were characterized as “Chicken Hawks” because they verbally supported the efforts in Iraq, but hadn’t personally sent their sons or daughters off to war. The intent of the draft would be to make sure the Chicken Hawks had a personal stake in the war, and perhaps would be less inclined to support warfighting if their own kids were in danger of being drafted.

The House bill was brought to a vote in October of 2004, just before the election, and was defeated on a roll call vote of 402 to 2. Even Charlie Rangel didn’t vote for it. His own bill! Think about that for a moment. A Congressman goes to the trouble to author a bill only to vote against it! One could legitimately ask the question “Is this political posturing?”

Let’s pursue this a bit further. We’ll assume that the idea of drafting young people has merit. Let’s also assume that the Democratic Party is sincerely interested in bringing about societal change: They feel there is an inherent need to change the balance between races in America! They feel America needs Social Engineering!

Affirmative Action has been the primary tool to change racial balance, but it never seems to go far enough for the Democratic Party. A truly effective way to solve this problem is needed. America must have an Ultra-Affirmative Action Program! We need a White Male Draft!

Here’s the way the program would be configured: All white males between the ages of 16 and 26 would be drafted.

You’re wondering, “Is that all there is to it?” Well, yes, it’s a pretty simple program. The program would be run by the Democrat Party, and would require every white male in America to register by his 16th birthday. From that point until he reaches his 26th birthday, his education and employment would be governed by the Democrat Party. Take note that I am using the term “Democrat Party” here. This is the group that embodies the soul of the Democratic Party ideology. This is where Democratic ideology has its most prominent proponents.

Anyway, here’s another interesting detail: Each draftee would create a “Dream Sheet” that would include his top three choices for education and employment. To the extent possible, the Democrat Party would give the individual one of his three top choices, but that might not always be possible. Depending on the needs of the Democrat Party, the individual could be placed anywhere within the American educational or workforce structure to enhance societal and economic goals.

Think about it! If the country does not have enough women in college, the white male draftees would be restricted from enrolling in college. The percentage of women in college would immediately go up, and the percentage could be fine-tuned to meet the expectations of the Democrat Party. What about people with dark skin color? If the country does not have enough doctors or lawyers with dark skin color, draftees would be kept out of medical school or law school. The percentages of minorities in those professions could be controlled with a great degree of precision, to get just the right societal mix!

What about the military? The Democrat Party feels that the military has too high a percentage of people with dark skin color? No problem! The military could be loaded up with white males.

Keep in mind that the restrictions on education and employment only apply to males with white skin tones, so there might be some problems in getting the correct mix of ethnic and racial balance, since everyone except white males would be able to choose his or her direction in life without restriction. Also, the draft would expire when the draftee reaches the age of 26, so there would also be the problem of older Caucasian males competing for professional schooling and related careers. But keep in mind the goal here. We can work to engineer a perfect society! Just because the results may not be perfect is not a valid reason for abandoning the ideal.

Could a White Male Draft exist in our country? Probably not. But it is an interesting mental exercise to think of, in terms of what changes we would make to our institutions if we could control them with precision. If we could create a society of just the right racial and ethnic mix, what would it look like? It’s almost like the Global Warming debate. If we could control our climate, what would the right mix of moisture and sunlight look like?

And maybe the larger question is, “Would controlling our society and environment with precision create happiness?” Would we eliminate racism? Would we eliminate strife?

It comes down to basic philosophies about human existence in our world: Is our day-to-day living better-served by a controlling authority or better served by freedom of choice? You can probably tell my bias here, but you’ve got to admit the idea has some appeal. What if we needed more players with dark skin color in the National Basketball Association? The White Male Draft would take care of it. Maybe our employment numbers are a bit too low? Take draftees out of colleges and put them into Public Works projects. Voila! Jobs are created regardless of the state of the economy!

And note the most important part: The Democrat Party is totally in charge of the White Male Draft. There is no need for consensus. Whatever the Democrat Party thinks is the right mix is what gets put in place! We will actually see the fruits of social engineering as envisioned by the Democrat Party. Their vision for equality in America would be implemented without constraint. The necessity for properly engineering our society would trump all other requirements.

How to measure the results? We simply watch what changes occur once draftees reach age 26 and are no longer governed by the principles of the Democrat Party. Do they embrace the behavior previously mandated for them, or do they turn away from it? Does racial harmony result or do we end up with deepening resentment? Do they perceive the need to get a proper mix of skin tones as a valid societal goal? Does the vision of the Democrat Party outweigh freedom of choice in America?

Americans will let us know.

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