Religion and politics can be caustic. I know of several families that say they can’t discuss these two subjects while at the dinner table. If you want to be a family that CAN discuss politics and religion over dinner, just make it a rule that nobody can leave the table if they are going to leave “mad”. Everyone has to resolve their angry feelings and make the necessary apologies before leaving.

There is power in creating religious intensity in politics. It elevates ideology, justifies sacrifice, and motivates people to give of their time and money. I think deep down, everyone realizes that this is powerful stuff. But in America, mixing religion and politics is generally understood to be a bad thing. We have separation of church and state written into our Constitution. Our founding fathers had firsthand experience that told them Theocracy was not the way to go. That’s why a political party becoming a religion has to be a stealth action. I don’t think anyone in the Democratic Party would acknowledge that the Party is moving in that direction.

To really understand what is happening to the Democratic Party, you have to approach it from the perspective of an atheist. If you start by denying the concept of a supreme being, then what are the attributes that make up a religion? What common characteristics define Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc.? When you start looking at the ways these groups deal with good and evil, conduct their ceremonies, and motivate their followers, you start to see the parallels.

There is not one religion that believes other religions are on the right path to salvation. It is just a question of whether or not to tolerate those other religions. The Democratic Party does not intend to tolerate other political parties. After all, it is these political groups that stand between it and the widespread adoption of its political thought. If the Democratic Party can obtain political supremacy, it can dictate the policies of social engineering and redistribution of wealth that define its mission. That’s why it is interesting to visualize the Democratic Party as a force gaining control of certain institutions within our society: so that we can attempt to understand the practical results of its ideology.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see these institutions in action? The White Male Draft would engineer a society that has exactly the right proportion of ethnic and racial groups. The Excess Wealth and Income Tax would get just the right income mix throughout our society. Our criminal justice system would be fine-tuned with the application of the Hate Crimes Initiative. Young people would develop the correct attitude and perspective with the Democrat Children’s Movement. Any minor problem areas would be resolved with the Preferences Tribunal. All we need to do is give the Democratic Party the power it needs, and it will take care of us.

Will we be better off? The implication of having our society structured properly is that there has to be an ultimate authority in charge that makes these “correct” decisions. What if the Democratic Party, in its quest to make things look right, doesn’t actually make each of us happy? Maybe a more interesting question is, “Will control of American society be enough?”

There is allure in the concept of a perfect society. It’s just a question of who gets to define what is “perfect”. In the meantime, there’s a group that wants your allegiance.

They will make you popular.

They will get you more than the other guy.

They will sign you up today.

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